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Giving Days

What is a giving day? It is generally a 24 hour in person or online fundraising event that joins together donors, communities, volunteers around a common cause. There are also giving “challenges”, whereby a matching fund component is a core objective for that particular event.
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Mobile Donation Service Integration

As the world changes, so does technology. As more and more people are using their mobile devices for anything and everything, the evolution of commerce to this technology must be addressed. Teaming with developers and app designers, mobile resources are a reliable, secure feature that is a must have for today’s philanthropic society.
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Social Media Integration

Ignoring ever changing technology can be deadly; weaving them into your strategy can be life changing. A monumental shift has taken place that greatly alters the way you do business on and off line. This shift is social media. Utilizing this major player will enable exponential growth in philanthropic endeavors. Sites such as Facebook, You…
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