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Make My Donation in conjunction with our partners are having a tremendous impact throughout the United States!

Did you get a grant check?

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What is Make My Donation?

Make My Donation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, operating a donor-advised fund. Make My Donation provides donation processing services in conjunction with OrgHunter through various internet and mobile applications.

Why did my organization receive a check?

A donor made a contribution to Make My Donation and designated your organization as a recipient.

What is OrgHunter?

OrgHunter provides a variety of free services to charities, donors, and application developers at OrgHunter.com. Reports for all donations processed through Make My Donation are available at OrgHunter.com.

What’s Next?

Claim Your Charity on OrgHunter.com

Claiming your charity gives you the opportunity to update information on your charity and to view and download detailed reports on donors and donations processed through Make My Donation.

Claim Your Charity

Use this detailed PDF guide to learn how to claim your charity. After claiming, you can access detailed grant distribution reports.

Access Donor Reports

Use this helpful PDF guide after your charity has been claimed and vetted.

If you have other questions or for further information, e-mail Make My Donation at info@makemydonation.org.


Make My Donation Management Team