Point Worthy

PointWorthy was born from simple frustration: We’re successful technology entrepreneurs who had accumulated a lot of loyalty points and wanted to use the loyalty points we had stored to help fund different causes we believed in, but we couldn’t! Turns out there are $50 Billion worth of loyalty points distributed every year. Yet, even though close to 30% go unredeemed, there was no easy way to convert them to cash for any of the charities that we wanted to contribute to. Combining our social entrepreneurial zeal and the fact that consumers like to partner with socially responsible companies, we saw an opportunity to create a great business and to make the world better at the same time!

PointWorthy enables consumers to donate the value of loyalty points to causes they believe in and want to support. We also empower charities to easily capture loyalty reward points as cash from their donors. We work with hundreds of thousands of organizations; some local, some regional, some national – all of them good and worthwhile.

Project Details

Website: pointworthy.com