Quiv was born of the founders’ desire to be able to connect with experts and individuals with really great experience to pick their brains and engage in meaningful conversation. At the same time, the founders wanted to make a difference, realizing that they could not only receive the benefit of expert advice, but also pay it forward and do good for others in an even more impactful way. Quiv quickly evolved to become a platform that allows individuals to convert their time, experience and knowledge into great advice for people looking for it and charitable donations for their favorite causes. Quiv builds a community around the notion of charity, one that is particularly personal and impactful. Our mission is to form meaningful connections between experts and those seeking advice, while simultaneously doing good through acts of charity. There is an infinite number of questions to be asked and causes to help in the world today. Quiv seeks to provide answers not only to individuals, but also to phenomena greater than us, in order to make a real impact on the world in which we live. Providing users with access to the resources they need to support meaningful causes and find answers to their questions, Quiv is the future of giving, connecting and learning. Join the Quiv community, and experience for yourself why asking is the new giving.

Project Details

Website: quiv.com