We Micro Give

We Micro Give is delivering new technology that makes it easy for your donor’s to give and be excited as they track their giving progress.  Through credit/debit card transaction ‘round ups’, people find an effortless way to donate and receive ongoing feedback on their donation activity.

HERE’S HOW: Donors register and select the credit/debit card they want to ‘round up’ – in a $2.49 transaction – $.51 is the roundup! (*Less transaction fees). Then once a month, the total of all the donors ‘round ups’ are sent to the donors selected charity. Virtually any bank can be accessed, nearly all charities is eligible with no additional work and the donation is 100% tax deductible. Users have fun tracking daily ‘round up activity’ with a private Donor Dashboard and can change their giving options at any time.

HOW DOES IT ADD UP? Donor’s average monthly ‘round ups’ can be $10 to $25+ per month or $120 to $350+ per year per donor.

With 400 donors – that could be $48,000 to $140,000 per year in new donations.

Project Details

Website: wemicrogive.com